Black Mummi Top


The “Mummi” set is an original design, Atira hand picked our fabrics in Los Angeles, all our cut and sew production was done here in Los Angeles. Managed by Atira Lyons Team (Atira & her mom). 

The fit of the fabric is stretchy, it’s made to shape the body. The top features a deep slit down the middle along with extended long sleeve arms. The pants are extra long to fit taller and shorter legs. The bottom of the pants also featured a mid slit for heel/ shoe display. 

These are all ready to ship products. Gives us 2-3 business to get these particular items out. Also enjoy FREE shipping on the set!  

Sizing Guide 



XS:       31-32in.

S:         32-33in.

M:        33-34in.

L:         34-38in.

XL:      39-42in.


              Waist:          Leg length(waist to ankle)

XS:            22-24in.            46.5in. 

S:              25-26.                47.5in 

M:             26-27in.             48.5in.

L:              27-28in.             49.5in.

XL:           28-31in.             50.5in.